surf santa teresa

Santa Teresa is the proud owner of some top surf spots for all levels. Constant swells makes it the perfect location to dip in as a new bee as well as a pro, further improving your skills.

Is an exposed beach break that has greate waves and can work at any time of the year. 

Offshore winds blow from the northeast. Groundswells more frequent than windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the west northwest, west and soth southwest. Waves at the beach break both left and right.

You can test your skills in several of the different spots; "La Lora" is the main spot of Santa Teresa, here a fast and tubular wave awaits you in the morning where there will always be a photographer waiting for your best shot!. Playa Carmen, its long waves make it ideal for beginners or going to look for those big waves with longboard or SUP . When you're here, we can advise you around some hidden spots like Cabuya or Sunset Reef.


Surf Sant Teresa

For those who always wanted to try surf!

The 2 hour class begins on the beach and the instructor advises how to handle the board, row, catch waves and stand up. All of our instructors have surfing in Santa since they were children and are experts in choosing the best time and place to surf.

Neoprene suit is not required, the water temperature is warm all year round. We will provide a surf board of appropriate size and a rushguard of the surf school.

You can arrange to have surf lessons as part of a small group or have individual surfing instructions. The maximum group size per instructor is only 3 people. Depending on your age and general fitness level, we recommend that you spend at least 2 hours navigating every day of your vacation to maximize the potential for improvement.



Surf Sana Tresa

Surfing on the Outside!

Most beginner surf lessons start in the white water reform close to shore. An intermediate surfer will be able to surf on the “outside” or main surf break further out to sea. You could bring your onwn surfboard or will provide a surf board of appropriate size and a rushguard of the surf school. Our ISA instructor expend 2hs in water with you.

Putting a little style into surf board will make all your friends jealous.

*The Bottom Turn

One of the most crucial maneuvers in surfing.

*Advanced Paddling

Maximizing paddle efficiency.


Being able to build speed and make sections.

*Duck Diving

Let you know how to pass throw waves.

*Reading Waves

Being able to pick out set waves and understanding ocean patterns.


Sup Santa Teresa

SUP Introduction to forward paddling lesson.

With this 120-minute introductory lesson, you will learn the basic skills needed to enjoy SUP safely and efficiently. During the drylands part, you will learn about the equipment and how to carry your board. Then, to the water, where you will go from finishing on your knees to stand up. They will teach you a proper and efficient forward stroke, and how to turn your board. You will also learn some basic safety skills in the water and how to handle the paddle in windy and rough water conditions.

Above all, you will have fun! all this learning you will enjoy paddling the shores of Mal Pais with the beautiful view of the sunset.