Villa Cacao

Santa Teresa is not just surfing and yoga. Being surrounded by low hills is the ideal place to enjoy a Jungle Trip to discover  waterfalls, walk through the heart of a virgin jungle and preserved delighting your senses with the scent of plants, the soft singing of birds and enjoy a show of monkeys on top of the trees.

* Curu National Wildlife Refuge
* Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve
* Butterfly Refuge
* Montezuma waterfalls
* Horsebackriding
* Jungle zip line canopy tour
* Mountain biking
... and many more!

Jungle Tours

Fishing Santa Teresa

Tie your shoes!


Explore the nature by your own move!

The whole jungle that surrounds us offers adventurous tourists endless activities to spend a full day in contact with nature. Are you ready for adventure !?

* Curu National Wildlife Refuge

* Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve

* Montezuma waterfalls

* Jungle zip line canopy tour

* Mountain biking

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Quad  &  4wd Rental

Fishing Sana Tresa

Drive your adventure!

We  rent atv/quads for 24hs. or more than a day, very comfortable Honda atv, 420cc & 500cc, semi automatic, 5 speeds, very strong and fast machine in very good conditions. For one or two persons.

Easy way  to move around on your visit here to Tambor, Montezuma, Cabuya, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. 

A fun four hours guided tour through trails in the forest, rige through rivers, over cow pastures, swimming in waterfalls, along the beautiful beaches near arround

A great and safe activity for groups and families, come join us!  

If you wan to go more far way we recomend a 4wd confortable truck. All aour units are new with A/C, bluethooth radio and 24/7 assistence.

          Quad Rental 24hs. |  70 us$

4wd Rental  |  Contact us

Horse Riding

snorkeling Santa Teresa

Enjoy your day!

Horseback riding is a fantastic way to experience what Mal Pais and Santa Teresa have to offer. You are able to cover severak miles in just a few hours. The guides are all local to the area and know where all of the hidden gems are. Tours go up through the mountains of the jungle where you'll have the chance to spot howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, agoutis, and many more animals native to the area.
You will see breathtaking ocean views from the high up in the hills which make for a memorable and pleasent experience. We also have tours that take you through the beaches, these are great for enjoying the spectacular sunsets.
The horses are well cares for, while not working they reside on a 100 acre farm which they can roam at their leisure.

 3hs.  | 65us$

(Max 5p)